CSR Sugar Made For Memories Cookbook

Disclaimer : This post is brought to you by Nuffnang And CSR Sugar. As I walked into the Farmer’s Markets this morning, my eyes lit up at the vibrant display of seasonal produce. Spring has arrived at the markets. Berries are aplenty. At last! I wanted to fill up my basket with my favourite blueberries. I wanted to bake luscious fresh berry cakes. I wanted to eat home-made scones every day. I wanted to make jams like there’s no tomorrow or ... read more


Neapolitan Cake

I think I am having too much fun with frosting! It is evident from the stains on my favourite pair of jeans. The other day, I wanted to hide somewhere when I saw myself in the large mirror at the ... read more


Strawberries And Cream Cake

So the cherry blossoms have arrived! I can feel the vibes of Spring. It is such a pleasure driving around or for that matter even walking when the roadside looks a stunning shade of pink. I know..I am ... read more