Chocolate And Coconut Friands (Financiers)

It's been an emotional week for us, waking up to tragic news from home and around the world almost every day.  Watching the horrific incident unfold on television, not very far away at Martin's place  (a place that is dear to every Sydneysider, a street on which, possibly every visitor to Sydney might have walked) made me think several times how much we take life for granted. I can only get a sense of the grief and pain, the families of the ... read more


Warm Beetroot, Lentil and Pea Salad

There are a few places in Sydney that make my weekends delightful. I look forward to them all week. One among them are the farmer's markets. In the few years that I have lived here I have attempted to ... read more


Ginger Cake with Meringue

Has your kitchen started to smell like Christmas? Mine has been smelling so much of spices and vanilla and brown sugar....all of the warm and nice things that go hand in hand with this time of the ... read more


Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream Cheesecake

At work, we often had training sessions on personality development, leadership, team building and such things. I remember one of the mentors talking about the importance of 'being at the right place ... read more


Festive Nougat Lassi

You might have heard of 'summer in a glass. For me that glass is Lassi. If you are new to this term, Lassi is a cold yogurt based drink, popular in India. In the scorching hot sun, when my sister and ... read more


Easy Nutmeg Bars

Nutmeg bars are so perfect for this time of the year when a substantial amount of baking is on the agenda and everyone is getting into the spirit of Christmas including our ovens and our kitchens. I ... read more